Monday, 16 February 2009

A Story

A story created with people in a Day Centre over a ten week period...... (part one the story)

The discovered treasure

A writer from the suburbs discovered a treasure map, which tells him of hidden treasure in the park near the canal. Realizing it is dangerous there, he decides to get in contact with his friend Frankie, who he believes to be gullible, because he always beats her at his chess club.

He goes to a cafe in the park to make up the story of it being a game or a test. He makes Frankie buy the coffee and tells her that he's doing a test that doesn't involve any money. He says it's too dangerous for him to go to the canal by himself and asks her to go with him. She knows he's up to something and questions him, he lies.

There is a lady in the cafe who finds an envelope under her chair she gives it to Frankie thinking that it must belong to her, it is a ticket to Japan. Frankie conceals it from David telling him that it is nothing. David tries to trick her out of the ticket, but he can't because she is on to him. She knows David’s little games.

She agrees to go to the canal with David. They go to the canal and he finds a clue to the treasure. It says, "Go to the conservatoire in Tokyo and find a man named VIN Chu"

David realizes that he has to get some money and decides to go and borrow it off his mother. Both Frankie and David go to the mothers’ house and David asks her for money. The old lady says that he only ever goes to see her when he wants money. He tells her that he's sorry and that he will pay her back. She’s heard it all before. Instead of money, she gives him a ticket to Japan which a friend gave her a long time ago.

So they now both have tickets. They go to Japan and when they arrive, Frankie gets ill and has to be taken to the hotel.

David takes advantage of the situation takes her money and goes off to the conservatoire to find VIN Chu.

When he arrives at the conservatoire he discovers that VIN Chu is a woman. He plays music for a while with VIN Chu before she gave him a key which she says was a key to a safe deposit box in London.

He goes back to the hotel where Frankie is waiting. He tells her that she has to go to Greenland to find the box. The box he says is at a police station in a passage or a trapdoor inside a pillar. David gives her a key telling her that he will meet her back in London. They argue for a while and Frankie says that she doesn't believe him. She decides to go back to London with him.

They return to London and decide to go back to the cafe in the park after they have picked up the box. They arrive in the park with the box. They open it with the key and inside is 25,000 pounds. They argue about the share of the money, David says he wants more and Frankie asks why. They go on like this for some time and then David decides that they should have half each. This they sort out between them.

Frankie asks David what he is going to do with his share. He says that he is going to take his mum on a world trip. Frankie says that she is going to go somewhere in January.

They say goodbye to each other and leave the park......................‘

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